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The Royal Cat Were Invited To Participate In The “Sichuan Tobacco Company Centralized Trade Fair in the First Half of 2019”


"Royal cat (ronghe)" entered the sichuan market and sold out within 9 days. We were invited to attend the "sichuan tobacco company concentrated trade fair in the first half of 2019", and our director Chen Yanming led the team to attend the meeting.
Sichuan sales leaders are very concerned about our company's products. Participants walked to the booth to learn about the formula, process, production and other aspects of our cigarettes, and also actively tasted.

At the fair, Mr. Chen told the tobacco sales leader in Sichuan that we will actively cooperate with the market in brand cultivation, marketing, brand promotion and consumer interaction, and strive to do a good job in after-sales service in 2019. At the same time, we will vigorously support the first-line sales work and provide them with protection and services. In the future, our company will actively develop new products, launch the Sichuan market at the fastest speed, enrich our product line to guarantee and meet the needs of the Sichuan market. The tobacco sales leaders in various cities also affirmed our meticulous service.
We hope that the Royal Cat's series of products will be sold in the Sichuan market in 2019.


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