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Founded in 1993 with a registered capital of 10 million RMB, China National Commercial New Tone Trading Co., Ltd. is a holding company of China Commercial Foreign Trade Co., Ltd, and it is mainly engaged in diverse forms of trade.   


Since its founding, China National Commercial New Tone Trading Co., Ltd. has constantly adhered to the principle of “integrity foremost, operating according to law” by seeking sustainable development and carrying out business in a reliable and active manner. Starting from scratch, we’ve gradually developed from a small company into a large-size corporation with an ever-expanding business scale, good economic returns for several consecutive years and a sound growth momentum.   


In the year 2010, China National Commercial New Tone Trading Co., Ltd. achieved a total import and export volume of 73 million US dollars, and a sales volume of 270 million RMB.    


By the end of 2010, we have established business relationship with partners in Asia, America, Africa, Australia and Europe.    

We have a group of professionals with rich experience in foreign trade, and our partners also possess strong economic foundations, acting as agents for the import and export of diverse commodities and providing considerate and professional services.  


In the process of concrete business operations ranging from negotiation, contract signing, performance, customs clearance, declaration, storage to delivery, we strictly check each procedure to ensure that we provide high-quality, convenient and efficient services to our customers, for the purpose of optimally satisfying the maximal benefit of our consumers.  


In the future, we will adhere to the development model featuring diversification, internationalization, and modern and scientific management in a reliable manner.   


The main business of China Commercial New Tone Trading Co., Ltd. includes:


1. Major commodities for import trade:

1.1 Watches    

By actively cooperating with the national horologe merchants’ coordination network, we’ve given free scope to our role as the major channel for state-owned business and established a preliminary basis for the operation mode that realizes the coordinated and intimate cooperation among the import merchants, the wholesalers and the retailers.

1.2 Frozen goods      

We mainly import commodities such as frozen chicken, frozen pork and frozen beef from the U.S.A., Brazil and Argentina.
1.3 IT products     

We act as the agent for the import of Canon digital camera, video camera and other computer equipments.

1.4 Fabrics and clothes      

We import different varieties of fabrics from Italy as well as “ LAUREL” “ESCADA” clothes from Germany.

1.5 chemical reagents and medical equipments     

We import reagents for blood diagnosis from Johnson & Johnson in the U.S., and reagents for in vitro diagnosis from Biomerieux. Besides, we also act as the agent for the import of plain tubes produced by Greiner Corporation in Austria.

1.6 Other commodities     

We are also engaged in the import of commodities such as communications equipments, food, automobile parts, baits, machine tools and plywood, etc.  


2. Major commodities for export trade:   

We are mainly engaged in the export of commodities such as hardware, chemical products and disposable medical supplies, etc.     


While maintaining our original business, we are also constantly expanding new business and working hard for innovation, so as to adapt ourselves to the ever-changing world and to take advantage of the opportunities that emerge in the future development of the world economy as well.


Our partners     

We’ve established sound business relationships with well-known international corporations such as Johnson & Johnson (Shanghai) Medical Equipments Co., Ltd., Biomerieux Co., Ltd., and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics (Shanghai), etc.  


Our domestic customers mainly include enterprises belonging to the original business system, and they all have strong economic foundations, thus enabling us to conduct import and export settlements efficiently. This has in turn helped us maintain our good reputation and image to the public and the banks.     


We’ve maintained good business relationships with Bank of China, Guangdong Development Bank, China Merchants Bank and Shenzhen Development Bank, which has provided financial support for the development of the relevant businesses of our corporation.    


Moreover, we’ve cooperated with large-scale freight forwarding and logistics companies such as DHL and Minsheng to ensure the timely and smooth customers clearance and distribution of import and export commodities.     


We sincerely hope to hold business negotiations and cooperation with potential partners both at home and abroad.    




Address: Sixth floor, No. 2 building, No. 45 Fuxingmen Avenue, Beijing.

Telephone: 010-66071057

Fax: 010-66033345

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