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Junzhi Capital

Junzhi Capital Management Ltd. was established in Beijing on October 20th, 2015, affiliated with China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation, with capital at around one billion yuan.

Junzhi is mainly engaged in project investment, investment management, assets management and investment consultation; it is dedicated to investments on food science and technology, high-tech agriculture, health, life science and technology, TMT and other several major industries and fields.

Since its establishment, we have took full advantage of No.1 additional fund from CCFT to make “CPI Yuanda Environmental-Protection (Group)” (stock code: 600292) list through the way of private placement; we have took part in investments of Niuruidi high-tech pressure sensor project, Hongliyu cinema project and restructuring project of several enterprises attached to China Electronics Corporation, with Guangliang funds; moreover, we have had “SAI FEI YA” (stock code: 601169) successfully list on “New Three Board”. 

It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In accordance with principle of to pursuit for excellence, we get company a long-term development and make capital grow constantly by adopting suitable and rigorous financial investment system, setting up professional and efficient team, following investment idea of choosing the optimum and applying practical and effective investment method, which is not only for investors but also for resources.

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