Ø  Brand culture

The “Royal Cat” cigarettes uphold the philosophy of “pure herbal essence with original color and natural fragrance”, and are elaborately developed through years of dedicated research and accumulated wisdoms.


Royal means nobleness; while Royal Cat is a name extended by a Chinese emperor to a hero for his bravery and integrity. The “Royal Cat” brand embodies both the taste of dignity and the feelings of modern swordsman.







                        Royal Cat Blue                                     Royal Cat Golden




                           Royal Cat (And)                                          Royal Cat (Wangdao)



Ø  Brand orientation

The top-notch cigarette entertains you with a feeling of glorious and courteous reception, and helps realize customer value.


Ø  Brand features

Raw materials selected from more than 100 varieties of precious tobacco from all over the world

Elegant and original aroma of tobacco,low nicotine and tar,strong yet non-irritant flavor


Taste soft without any dryness in the mouth, and free you from the smell of smoke on the cloth


Unique technology ensures that the top, middle and base notes are consistent with each other, without taste transition from thick to thin


The essence is developed naturally without any chemical ingredients; natural fiber filters can block harmful ingredients effectively.









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